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Save Cincinnati is a rapidly growing group of concerned citizens and business leaders who are worried about the direction of Cincinnati and the rational decision-making of its leadership. The group is focused on positively influencing Cincinnati’s residents and city leadership to turn the city around.  Some of the frustrations driving the formation and growth of the group include the:

• City’s irresponsible spending
• City’s quick fix mentality in lieu of long-term fiscal health
• City’s decisions going against the consensus of
   the taxpayers
• Shrinking tax-base and growing city inefficiency
   & cost

• Lack of common sense & accountability of our elected   officials

The group cares about the city’s economic well-being, the efficient & productive use of tax-dollars, the level and quality of services provided, and the priorities of our elected officials & city management as it relates to stimulating economic growth & balancing the budget, making Cincinnati a highly-desirable place to live, work, raise a family, and start a business.

Save Cincinnati exists as a non-partisan forum to focus and rally the efforts of concerned citizens and business leaders in the city -- to stimulate discussion, formulate strategy & action initiatives, foster a unified effort, and leverage the expertise & efforts of our citizens to bring about needed changes.

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One of the best ways to express your dissatisfaction with how the city is being managed is by voting your conscience.  For information about the upcoming election(s) impacting Cincinnati, click here.


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