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You can work at a poll and get paid for it too
The Board of Elections manages the election process and counts the votes, but it is the public who actually makes it happen. Every election, people from each neighborhood “man” the poll or polls in that neighborhood. Those who work inside (poll workers) make from $100 - $200 for their efforts.  Those who work outside (poll volunteers) typically work for gratis, but sometime the local party who they are representing, pays a token amount for the day.

In a fair election, there is an equal number of poll workers (inside) representing both major parties working each poll. In Cincinnati, this is not always the case.  Sometimes it is very one-sided because there are aren’t enough people signing up to help. When this occurs, it opens the door for cheating and fraud. This was exemplified in the 2012 election when 59 precincts in Philadelphia had zero votes for Mitt Romney, a statistical impossibility.

No experience is necessary. Poll workers go through a 2-3 hour class provided by the Board of Elections, prior to the election.

For more information about becoming a poll worker or poll volunteer, please call (513) 699-3770 or send an email to

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